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Dueling build


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What do u guys do for a dueling build in pvp. I honestly have a easier time 1v1ing with my s/d thief and that's saying something lol I must be doing somthing wrong. I'm running WS 122 BM 322 SB 313 and have WHAO for heal, the roll back, stone signet,sic em and OWP. Trying to find a balanced build. I try to use smoke scale to stealth with gs and use stealth arrow and follow up with maul etc when I can. I seem to last a decent amount of time each fight but opponent always healing up and drowning me before I can them. I'm using infiltrator and maurader and tried divinity and scholar and just cant seem to damage much. I know I'm prob missing somthing as i just started trying ranger in pvp as i usually roll a thief lol

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(For wvw mix marader with cav or zerk and use durability runes)

Here's a solid one just played it just fine in PvP enemy had to 1v x me on roads

A few things don't duel mesmers ATM CI condi is pretty OP so your going to want to kite and manage your CDs very carefully.

2) don't stay merged, play it as a core ranger 85% of the time you want to take even more advantage of unstoppable union bad its a free get out of CC card now, merge burst un merge.

3) use your damn pets they can do okay damage and CC you can be supprised by how much they can help by proper management

4) GS has an evade frame on the third swing if you miss you get another evade frame use that against theives and warriors to mix them up

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Everyone kind of plays ranger different.

My advice:Take boon share on merge for soulbeast over unstoppable Union now.

Change your heal. We heal as one is kinda of a win more heal imo. That's not what you need. Take troll ungüent or against condi classes bear stance.

Strength of the pack over one wolf pack now

Drop sic em. We don't need it anymore.

Personally not a big fan of lightning reflexes but use it if you want.

Quickening zephyr, Protect me, and dolyak stance are all really strong options. But put dolyak stance on your bar. It's good.

Use any amulet: zerker, demo, mara, pala, whatever works for you.

Mess around with runes, find what fits. For WS I like boon duration like keadership sIncE it gives an extra clear and helps the protection from WS.

Pet tier list imo:SmokeacaleSiamoth - unflinching fortitude is amazing and great CCOwl - mobility and good heal. Good f2 damage when buffed by maul. (Ie. Pet swap maul and F2. Even if you maul the air while you run and let the pet do dmg alone)Gazelle/wolvesDrakes/Iboga/jacaranda/bristle backWhatever

You can beat mesmers if you know what you're doing and have the right tools.

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I went into PvP with the closest thing to Runes of Durability that the PvP lobby would allow me. Was straight up soulbeast with LB and Axe/Axe. I dominated for 5 rounds of combat with nearly the most kills. Most of what I run is for WvW, but I dont' know whether all the real PvP'rs were asleep that day, or if I was just having a field day. I usually detest PvP but for some reason, the enemy didn't know what to do with me. I think they expected me to long range...but I kept going toe to toe with their warriors, revanants, and Guardians. The mesmers and necro's I kept at a decent distance if I could help it, and let my pet tear into them. But Smokescale f2 for quick face to face, then f1 for knockdown, then f3 or Axe/Axe #5 for quick burst of damage. Although after the knockdown, I will switch mostly to Axe/Axe, hit axe #3 to chill, then #5 for the Cuisinart effect. If I have their health down to 1/5th, I hit smokescale bond f3 to smash the ground. If you see a Ranger with Smokescale and Axe/Axe....we use those builds as a Blitzkrieg, all-or-nothing shot. We don't have an escape except with the axe #3 chill. Or the #4 longbow knockback. You see a Ranger with smokescale, it's gonna be up in your face Burst, burst, burst.

Longbow #2 Rapidfire.Bonded smokescale f2 to get in close.Bonded smokescale f1 to knockdown.Axe/Axe #3 for chill so they can't get to far.Axe/Axe #5 Cuisinart while their still knockedown or chilled.

All this only works, if you watch out for the enemy invulnerabilities and shields. But the idea is Burst with bow, Burst with pet, Burst after weapon swap. Ranger is one of the few professions that has a LOT of burst skills. Sadly....everything I just stated above is completely useless vs. a player that is playing a Permaboon Tank with Condi.

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the build you're using is not optimized for 1v1 but use it anywayyour role remains flexible gs/lb which is nice for ranked

use longbow 5 to keep pressure on point and force decapsif you can't win the 1v1 you can at least keep it neutral, and wait for +1if you get +1, your build becomes very strong due to long range burst but also some nice gapclosers, if you get outnumbered, this build can kite quite wel too.

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Thanks a lot everyone for the help, I really appreciate it. After playing slb for a while I'm surprised I actually enjoy it more than thief, never would have thought that Haha. The ability to merge and unmerge as well as utilizing pet skills adds a really enjoyable dynamic of play where as I'm used to just spamming the same few useful skills/utilities on thief over and over lol, think for the small amount of pvp I do in this game I'm gonna bench thief and try and get better with ranger. Thanks again for the help :)

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