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Why i cant find " tank chrono " on SC website?

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So i was looking to make a mes for raids and the usual build is a tank minestrel chrono in pugs. So why I cant find that build on their page? Dont they use any thoughness gear? if so, how do they aggro the bosses? or is there different strat in pugs vs organized grps.

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@yusayu.3629 said:You generall tank with just 5 more Toughness (1 infusion) than the rest of your party (if you have no condi Weaver).

If you wanna learn it, can't go wrong with Mistrel gear.

There is actually also a far more common Firebrand with bursts of increased toughness (250 from trait and potentially an extra 300 from Epilogue UL use)

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@Blood Red Arachnid.2493 said:The logic seems pretty simple here.

In a PUG: You'll want as much toughness as possible. So, minstrel or knight gear.In a static or premade: You can coordinate with your teammates, so you'll only need the bare minimum of extra toughness.

I use minimum toughness everywhere. You can block/evade everything anyway so toughness isnt needed.

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