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NSP [PB] Phoenix Battalion is recruiting for [OCX] [SEA] [EU]

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Phoenix Battalion is a large group of gamers that were "not very guildie". PB was started in 2012 at the launch of GW2 and has been growing since. PB felt that working under rules all day then coming home to play a game and follow more rules to follow wasn't fun. So this is a simple place to have fun, meet new people and play a game together.

We are a PVX guild and we do what ever we feel like doing at the time but focused on World vs World mostly. We do have set times for our wvw group runs right now its all NA prime 3 nights a week. We have 2 top level guild halls one is max and our second is level 67 so we can farm different level nodes in both halls. We are looking for people or guilds to come over and fill the [OCX] [sEA] [EU] times. NSP has a few small groups (XD and FAM) that run [OCX] [sEA] [EU] times but its not enough.

NSP has a Teamspeak comm system and discord for talk and file sharing. We use TS because of the inability to set a comm channel and talk with other commanders while running in discord.Note: For all the guilds that have a hate for the main PB commander Fabian he has been removed PB and NSP and has moved on to ET under the SB tagIf you are interested in what PB and NSP has to offer please ingame msg me at: wey daw ming.5784

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