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[WvW] [Roaming] Condi Dagger/Focus Weaver Videos /w Meme BURNS


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Why do people post like posting WvW roaming videos from T3 and under? EDIT: T1 and T2 as well depending on matchups

  • To feel like an unkillable GOD winning 1vX since it's mostly players who are trying to do their dailies
  • Meme builds are effective when everyone plays like they're on autopilot
  • There aren't constantly big groups running around to gank you from every corner

Here's how you can feel like one with Trailblazer + (Rune option) or Dire/Apoth/Settler/Shaman + Balthazar Rune condi Weaver Dagger/Focus variant(s)

  • Burns people off their mounts
  • Burns right through Defy/Endure Pain and Signets of Stone
  • Tanks big hits while pumping out big long burns (try to cover with bleed where you can, if they cleanse, keep calm and KEEP BURNING)
  • Cries in Ele when you miss Signet of Fire / don't manage to blind enough / can't counter CC because they have stab spam / get CC'ed to death because BOLSTERED ELEMENTS IS BROKEN EDIT: Fixed yay! But okay I still like memeing with Weaver’s Prowess
  • Somewhat counters certain 'meta' roaming builds that lack sufficient cleanses

EDIT: YES I mouse-click utilities when my left hand is too busy pianoing or making sure the character stands still so it can auto-aim Signet of Fire and not miss due to enemy moving towards the flank and NO I will not buy a Naga mouse since I'm never going to ever be under 200 ping down here in Australia to ever be a professional player anyway!

Balthazar Rune + Sustainy stats:

Trailblazer Memes:

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@"Dahir.4158" said:You left EU? And don't skill click lol

I was always in FA ocx time

@Zhaid Zhem.6508 said:What's the point of taunting t3 and under if you show us the same targets ? Bronze roamers between camps...  + are you mouseclicking ?

There were some golds and plats in there too. How else do you get fights when everyone is on mounts except stalking around camps and sentries?

The only same target was the one Charr DH to contrast how deadly it is when you can slip the burn in without them noticing

And yes I don’t have a Naga mouse so I do click utilities when my left hand gets too busy... ;)

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New video with more sustain and fleshed out sigils with Dire/Apothecary mix with Balthazar Runes:

Certainly more sustainable against long fights against power builds but loses a certain degree of condi coverage, debilitating condis and finishing power from bleeding that trailblazer offers.

Definitely give it a try if you have legendary weapons and armor lying around.Also TIL something important: Proccing auto-balanced stance then waiting it out makes the game balanced!Fighting spellbreaker and holo is still very tricky but doable since your attunes have to bring the right skills at the right time and if you miss a beat you lose the flow and it ends up staleing or you end up DED.

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