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Will issues with recent NVIDIA updates ever be fixed?

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For anyone that doesn't know, recent NVIDIA drivers have been reported to cause sudden drops to 8-10 fps seemingly at random. I can run at 60fps in Core Tyria, but still will chug like a train at times, and it especially is a pain during gliding or combat. A reported solution has been to roll back to an older driver version... except I use Windows 10 64bit. Older drivers without the issue are not available for 64bit (I tried, the old drivers are all 32bit and won't work with my computer) and so I can't roll back to drivers that don't drop my fps. This seems like a pretty irritating issue that certain people like me cannot work around, that still hasn't been fixed despite there being older threads about it here and on reddit. For reference, I have a GTX 1050 with 36 gigs of RAM, Intel Core i5 8300. And my game settings aren't the issue, because even on all lowest settings, I'll still get fps drops all the time. I know the engine is old and Anet has a lot on their plate, but it would be nice to play without constant fps issues and I hope they can find the time to get to it.

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Start a support ticket and work with ANet. If the issue is on their end, they'll need the diagnostic details you can provide them. If it's not, they can likely help you narrow down the culprit.

It's not safe to assume the problem is the game engine or NVIDIA or Windows. It could be any or all or something not related. While there might be a common reason for FPS issues, that doesn't mean it's your FPS issue.

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