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[BUG] Story POF s4 - star to guide us - Legacy

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After defeating the broothmother spider I have to light Korun's Light. Then when done there is a small dialogue, but it just stops and then I get kicked out from the instance. I just did the sory twice, and twice on the same moment it bugged.

See screenshots for last dialogue I see and for the bug report I get directly after being kicked out. (I really want to finish for the Skyscale, unfortunatly Story instances and me are no match. I get kicked out of instances all the time and am not able to finish my Vitory or Death personal story either missing out on possible items).



hope you can fix this? Don't know how many others encounter this.

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Moving around checkMinimize all cutscenes (there is none in the story up to this point)VPN (wifi is superstrong and I can do anything in GW2, WvW, PvP, OW, world Bosses (with huge amount of people). Why would a story not be able to handle?

i will look up the thread so thank you for that advise, it is only cruel you as a player nee to do al these trics just to pray you get through the story. Especcially in the bought stories. Big fault at Anet side. People pay for a good game.

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