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Thanks Cookie


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@Zohane.7208 said:I assume Cookie was the guy a lot of builds (Cookie Cutter) were aiming at, and he finally got enough?Assumptions aside, I still have absolutely no idea.

People could have said that Blueberry was leaving GW2 and it would make as much sense to me.

Also if every high profile player that leaves GW2 would make it dead, then it'd be dead long, long ago. Hell, we loose highly valued and recognizable commanders on the server every other month when they transfer to other servers or just stop. I'm sure other servers can relate to that. Also didnt the entire GW2 guild scene die when Sacrx and Red Guard left?

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Cookie goes by a few names with Cookie in them and one Ah Tan Aircon Parts, something like that.

Never like him. He is rude and arrogant. And, he has gotten worse. Today i witnessed him telling players to leave the map if they don't want to push and he was not even the Tag then, so full of himself : D

I prefer to follow other better Commanders like Beng, Sal, Zog and a few other regular Tags. We have quite a few good and experienced Commanders and we don't need a cookie crumb to drive players away.

Cookie can leave the map.

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He carries me? I never join or run with his zerg. Did you actually read my post? Or you are just carrying him?

The other Commanders legit lead us to where we are now. Cookie is not even close. Not in this Server.

Bad mouthing are very subjective words. There's nothing to bad mouth if there isn't anything bad. Is there?

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