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Predictions for LW preview on Aug 30

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@Acheron.4731 said:All I know is there will be a carrot, a stick, and an announcement about a future announcement.

LOL, this sounds likely. ;) Jokes aside, I don't see why people would claim the annoucement could be about an expansion when there have been no official statements nor hints so far that do support this theory. One can hope, but it's best to be realistic. It's mixed feelings indeed, of hope for the game to improve versus the lack of improvement thus far, especially regarding the things that were dumped over the years that could have made the game great (like personalized story content and story path choices for PvE, the personality system, WvW map cycles, build templates after seven long years into the game, and what not).

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This season will wrap up the game. We will get some closure and some story stuff that basically puts the game into a maintenance mode. This will be Anet signing off on GW2. The game has no dev support nor does it have the staff to continue this game in any real capacity. I have a feeling this is the end.

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@Vlad Morbius.1759 said:

@zealex.9410 said:Hype is only bad if whats shown doesnt live up to it and if the devs dont set proper expectations.Sure. On the other hand, considering that i keep seeing posts by people fully expecting for the announcement to be about a new expansion, or at least ls containing every single thing they would want to see in an expansion, i'm reasonably certain that this announcement will indeed
live up to the hype.

I mean, anet has been rather clear on what they are hyping. Living world
. If you go there expecting an expansion or them to talk about anything else then either wait until more info is shared or level your expecations based on things they shared so far in regards to the announcement.

I believe the Anet have set the expectations.

The issue is somebody made a video(not an anet person) and people are believe everything in it. Its dumb i know, but its happening.

All I can say is that in almost every successful MMO an expansion at this stage would not be a pie in the sky expectation, so to berate those that feel this way just goes to prove how little the community is willing to accept. No expansion in my mind is a clear sign that this group needs to be changed out because they've either lost their love and zest for the franchise or their management team has, either way it's not good news for the player base.It's completely acceptable for excited fans to want more and if the announcements don't live up to those expectations it's nobody's fault but Anet's. How quickly people seem to forget that this game was basically put on life support while other projects were pushed to the forefront, and if that is acceptable to you than I fear you're part of the problem. Any company would be more than happy to accept the lowest of expectations if they felt they could still be profitable, so if LW is all we get, who's fault is that?

Having read the reviews on glassdoor i tend to go with management. But i agree if people are complacent about it then yeah you will get little.

Oh and i agree Aurene went full mary sue and is a god above gods now. How can you even take the story further, because any threat that looms will be snuffed out by her in an instant...bye bye bubbles we hardly knew ye!

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@"wickedkae.4980" said:This season will wrap up the game. We will get some closure and some story stuff that basically puts the game into a maintenance mode. This will be Anet signing off on GW2. The game has no dev support nor does it have the staff to continue this game in any real capacity. I have a feeling this is the end.

Doom and gloom, "this is the end." You're wrong. The game will continue to receive new content, the question is whether it will be satisfactory.

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@penguin.6491 said:I'm disappointed its a Living World announcement and not an actual expansion. I have enjoyed the game most when a new expansion hits and everyone is playing and doing new things with the new things.

And when a living world episode hits, everyone is playing and doing new things with the new things.So how is it diffrent?

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@Ashantara.8731 said:

@Kossage.9072 said:It'll be interesting to see what the announcement will contain gamewise. Lorewise I have a few predictions/speculations based on hints we've received previously: [...]

I wish all that detailed lore was actually implemented into the storyplay, adding a rich atmosphere and depth to the game, instead of stuff one had to read up outside of the game (books, Requiem, Wiki). You are expecting too much from what the devs are willing to expend upon in-game, I'm afraid.

Fun fact: most of the stuff I mentioned is already in the game, contained in ambient dialogue, optional NPC dialogue trees (some of which are race specific like only charr players learning the name of Rox's mysterious associate Monti Scythescrape during Season 2), dynamic events, dungeon storylines, raids etc. That's how I was able to piece together the wiki article for King Adelbern's magical crown from in-game sources, for example. You just need to know where to look and remember to slow down to catch all the outpost and story dialogues (I'll never understand why some dialogue doesn't show up in chat box so I have to take screenshots of e.g. some ambient enemy centaur chatter to record it to wiki; I wish there was an option in settings to enable ALL ambient dialogue text to appear and stay in the box instead of it being selective what to include).

One of the great (and also admittedly frustrating) things about GW verse lore is that it's a jigsaw puzzle where you need to piece various scattered lore tidbits together to form a coherent whole for worldbuilding. Those in a rush thus tend to miss the subtle nuances of the storytelling, but thankfully players contribute their findings to the wiki where such info is easily digestable in a complete form with sources indicating where to find said knowledge in game.

For the few things not in game yet, the whole Rytlock backstory stuff from the Requiem tale couldn't be implemented in game yet because Rytlock's notoriously quiet about his past and wouldn't divulge such sensitive information when it's not important to the mission. I'm sure, however, that we'll see the plotline with Bangar, Crecia, the Stone Warband, and Rytlock's cubs play out with Sohothin's past possibly being referred to once we travel to the Blood Legion Homelands where Rytlock literally has to come face to face with his past. :)

@"Windu The Forbidden One.6045" said:If we are going after Jormag again then I really wonder how this is going to play out.Braham and his little band of followers nearly killed him on their own, and would have succeeded if Taimi's Machine hadn't put him back to sleep.So he can't be all that powerful.

And now that Aurene is back, we once again have a receptacle for excess magic so we can kill Elder Dragons again without the world ending. Aurene is an Elder Dragon now too, one with the power of both Kralkatorrik, Balthazar, Mordremoth and Zhaitan. She can probably kill Jormag by just breathing on him. Even before she got all this power, she blew off one of Kralk's wings with a single blast and on top of that, she's immortal, even if Jormag manages to kill her, she will just get back up.

I think the writers have made Aurene far too powerful, it basically turned the Elder Dragon threat into a joke.

That whole off screen Jormag hunt was one of the aspects I found troubling in Season 3 narrative. Even if Braham was wielding a bow enchanted with ancient fire magic which was proven to be effective against Jormag and even if his new "Destiny's Edge" guild were some of the strongest norn hunters around, I don't buy them mowing through tens of thousands of Icebrood and hundreds of champions in a bitter cold to surround Jormag with as much ease as Braham's message seemed to imply.

Remember that when Jormag first rose and created that long blizzard that kodan and norn still recall, he only possessed a fraction of the army he has now and yet was able to tear apart Gunnar's Hold, and fight against the combined strength of about a dozen Spirits of the Wild (assuming that more than the ones who were mentioned participated in the fight, such as Hare and Mink), a huge "army" of the norn in their prime as told by Eir in Edge of Destiny, kodan, and even Asgeir Dragonrender who had a fire enchanted weapon like Braham's (and a blessing from the Spirits to boot) and who only managed to knock off one of Jormag's fangs:

"Two hundred fifty years ago, a hunter named Svanir and his sister Jora led a band of norn to slay the wolves that ruled Drakkar Lake. They were crossing the frozen waters when a strange presence grasped Svanir's mind. It whispered seductions to him, promised power and prey. It was a voice of infinite hunger and hate, and Svanir listened to it.

"Jora heard the voice, too, but it terrified her. She refused its dark gifts and tried to drag her brother away, but he struck her and told her she was weak, told her he had discovered the well of power. She fled.

"Svanir remained to commune with his newfound lord. In time, the voice began to change him. It taught him to hate all living things. It stripped him of his human form and made him a champion—half bear, half norn, encrusted with ice. Svanir wandered the wastes in madness, attacking any who came near. He became a monster that his own sister had to destroy.

"Over the next hundred fifty years, the voice seduced more norn, and they joined the cult, becoming the Sons of Svanir. They believed they were drawing upon the ancient voice, but in fact it was drawing upon them, gaining the power to rise.

"And it did rise. One of the Elder Dragons. Jormag was its name.

"We fought Jormag—gladly we fought it, for norn are made for battle. But never had we fought a beast like this. It was a living blizzard. It and its minions froze us where we fought and buried our lands in snow and ice and tore apart Gunnar’s Hold with a massive glacier. It took our lands. It drove us south.

"And despite the destruction, there are still foolish norn who hear the call of Svanir and seek the power of Jormag. In the end they are reduced to icebrood themselves, flesh wrapped in ice, fed by malevolence and hatred."

It was only the sacrifice of the spirit of Owl and the stalling from the spirits of Eagle, Dolyak/Ox and Wolverine that allowed the norn to flee south with the Four Great Spirits' (Bear, Snow Leopard, Raven, Wolf) guidance without Jormag and his army crushing them all. While Jormag no doubt had to recover a bit after that battle, his army has grown thousandfold since then and, like the Destroyers deep below, has been crushing opposition in the north while gradually invading southward. So, with all of this in mind, Jormag really is that powerful and should pose a serious threat now that we don't have Omadd's Machine to help us out. ;)

As for Aurene's story, she may be powerful thanks to her powerups and may be able to handle Torment, but Temptation is another matter as Glint did warn her that with power comes great temptations and thus a bond with mortals and learning to share the power is important. Aurene is still relatively young and has yet to handle all that delicious magic and not use it like a well-intentioned extremist. But should she ever veer off the right path, the Commander and Caithe and other friends will be there to hopefully remind her of her family and that she's not supposed to dominate the cosmic system but be a cog in it to maintain balance.

Aurene has also received relatively little power from Mordremoth and Zhaitan based on how we've seen their power being distributed (even if she did since get some additional boost of their magic by devouring what Kralkatorrik had gotten from them). It's likely, given how magic spread from Zhaitan and Mordremoth's corpses to the other dragons, that Bubbles the deep sea dragon (who was the second dragon to awake as Omadd's Machine cinematic implies) will be close to equal to Aurene in terms of power plus he also happens to be Aurene's direct opposite in the Antikytheria system of the All (like we had Primordus vs. Jormag, and Zhaitan vs. Mordremoth). If the devs decide to go for the idea that Elder Dragons have three weaknesses ( 1) forcing poisoned magic into a weakened Elder Dragon as seen with Zhaitan, 2) damaging the dragon with its opposite dragon's magic as seen with Prim and Jormy, and 3) using the dragon's own strength against it as seen with Mordy and Kralky), Aurene still has many of these hazards to face beyond just the Temptation, well, tempting her as Bubbles will be her direct opponent in this system.

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Elite specs for FTP is highly unlikely. They are one of the selling points for expansions. I don't rule out new elite specs, though, considering they're not going to release a new expansion anytime soon (unless they've been throwing dust in your eyes and that is what the announcement is about).

I would like a story that focused more on Charr and Norn. The Blood Legion Homelands and Far Shiverpeaks are undiscovered lands so far and I for one would like to venture there, the former especially.

Other than that, I have no idea what they're going to announce. Maybe it will have something to do with the kind of content they want to release during LW Season 5, considering there's no expansion on the horizon that will bring major changes and upgrades. I don't think they'd make such a fuzz about an announcement if it was focused on LW Season 5 since it's no secret that's what's coming.

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Zojja will finally escape from her enforced solitary confinement by Destiny's Edge, wrath incarnate for being kept in a darkened box for the past three years. The Commander and his gang will be put on trial - found guilty of, well, everything, and made to crawl naked for attonement through Divinity's Reach.

PvP will not be fixed.

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Crystal ball.......

Very likely:

  • A trailer for the next LS chapters
  • A story "preview" of which major NPC's story will continue (most likely Braham & Rytlock - because I assume much will focus on the "dormant" Jormag)
  • A roadmap to how many chapters we will get


  • Vague announcements ("we are working on ...") about skill templates, PvP tournament systems/changes and WvW alliances
  • The outlook for the implementation of 500 Jeweler profession and a legendary amulet
  • A new set of Legendary weapons


  • Concrete dates (quarters of the year 2020, 2021) when WvW alliances will be implemented
  • An expansion announcement (because I think Anet is still recovering from the big lay off and their failed other projects that NCSoft cancelled)
  • Any announcements about "unlocks" in the gem store, that would enhance professions (like new weapons, skills etc.)
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