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My hope for Season 5 - Racial stories

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Like others have said it is my believe that Season 5 will focus on the north of the Tyrian continent, specifically the Far Shiverpeaks, the Blood Legion homelands and possibly the Woodland Cascades.

While I think the threat of the sleeping dragons Primordus and Jormag will loom over the season, I hope that the focus of the story lies elsewhere, namely in racial stories. I hope that the threat of Primordus and Jormag is much more distant than the Elder Dragon threat has been in previous seasons and expansions.

The coming together of the races in Tyria was due in large part to the Elder Dragon threat, specifically that of Zhaitan but also Primordus (which forced the Asura to the surface), Jormag (which forced the Norn south), Kralkatorrik (which together with the Ascalonian ghosts and the Flame Legion forced the Charr to sign a peace treaty with the humans) and more recently Mordremoth (which through Scarlet, Aerin and other sylvari as well as through his vines threathened all races).

All of these dragons are now either asleep or dead. This means that the main reason for the races to cooperate has diminished greatly. What I hope for is that other threats and tensions will rise to the surface in the absence of the Elder Dragon threat.

Story points I hope are addressed:

  • The leader of the pact is Logan and he sides with the Commander and Aurene in their wish that the Elder Dragon threat is dealt with in a different way than just killing the remaining Elder Dragons and letting the magical fallout get even worse. Parts of the Vigil and groups of Norn openly start to question Logan's leadership, as they wish to kill the remaining dragons. There are also groups that openly question Aurene's benevolence and the idea of giving her all that magical power.

  • Now that the Branded, the Flame Legion and the Ascolonian Ghosts are much less of an issue in Ascalon, Charr (especially Blood Legion but also Charr of the other legions) start to wonder whether the peace treaty with the humans has any reason to exist. Bengar Ruinbringer (imperator of the Blood Legion) openly starts to support the Renegades in kicking out the humans from Ascalon. Maybe Bengar Ruinbringer even starts to cooperate with remnants of the Flame Legion.

  • There is also a case to be made for a reduction of tension with some groups. The Tengu retreated to the Dominion of Winds due to the Elder Dragon threat. Perhaps they cautiously start interacting with the other races more.

What about you guys? What kinds of story threads would you want to see in season 5? Do you agree that the story should focus on something else than the Elder Dragon threat or is the Elder Dragon threat the thing that defines Guild Wars 2 as a gameworld?

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I'd love for many of those things to be addressed as well. Would also love to see that old plot point in season 3, where Braham cracks the tooth, be addressed for once. Could lead in to how the Norn want to continue killing the dragons or something.

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I think the best way to handle this is to make S5 be about the norn getting restless to return north. And the charr amping up for civil war while the flame legion invades and has to be dealt with in an all out war that brings the clans to the table once and for all. In the back ground the icebrood have been making more overt movement, as the norn push into the far shiver peaks making jormag restless. The asura could be picking up all this activity and alert the commander while they send their own teams to investigate the north and the source of the disruption. And then deal with the Taimi issue and Zojja's absence . Now im not saying jormag should make an appearance in s5 only that it should be a story about the strife back home after there isnt a dragon threat. But also be a prelude to Jormag after s5 hopefully in an expansion.

The forays into far shiverpeaks in s5 could at first only be story instanced. The commander and crew going there to scout and check out the situation. Later in the cycle the zone could open partially as we start to move in, then with an expansion the full zone could open along with jormags rising.

I dont know its just how i suspect things would play out without a looming world ending threat, the charr would have civil war on the mind and feuds would reignite. The flame legion would become a major threat in that region. The asura would be at the forefront of tech and pick up the changes right away alerting us to them, and tie up the taimi and zojja arcs. The norn esp Brahm would want to go north and in doing so awaken the sleeping giant sort of.

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