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how do you change mounts?

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I have my raptor on F6, my springer on F7, my skimmer on F8, my Jackal on F9, my beetle on F10 and y griffon always active on X as it helps me pulling out the griffon in the right time while mid air or just to generally get away from for example other players as I hate contact with with anyone because I'm an anxious, paranoid piece of s hit.

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@"Zoria.1392" said:When I am already on a mount, is there a way to speed up the switch? Right now the dismount-cooldown-mount is driving me nuts.

By reading the answers of this thread, you probably know by now how to give your mounts individual shortcuts. I noticed a couple of tricks, which make mount-switching a little easier for me:


  • Speed Switching works by rapidly pressing the shortcut of mount, while riding another.
  • Using the engage-skill delays mount-switching by a few seconds.

Ground/Skimmer => Griffon

  • When you are on any normal mount (raptor, springer, skimmer, jackal, beetle) the dismount will always release you in mid-air. Once you have learned the first Griffon Mastery, you are able to mount in mid air. So from that moment on, you can instantly switch from a normal mount to the Griffon. If you do so, you will receive a little updraft (0.5m - 1m). That means if you are standing on a small platform and don't want to move, it is safer to dismount slowly and mount the Griffon than doing the speed-switching.
  • If you move around with a normal/ground-type mount and you are forced to get to a higher layer. If the height-difference is not too high, you can try the updraft-mechanic of the Griffon speed-switching. In many cases it is faster and more efficient than mounting the springer.

Ground => Ground

  • When you want to switch normal mounts fast, it is best to do so when you are running towards rocks or uphill. Because when you dismount, you will touch some ground faster than normal and will be able to mount the other creature. If you go downhill, getting on anything but a Griffon will take much longer.
  • Using objects (rocks, tents, solid-ramps, fences, shrubberies, ... etc.) for a faster ground-impact, may result in the "You do not have enough space"-error. It takes some time, but after a while you easily see how to approach an object to abuse it for mount-switching.

Ground => Water

  • When you run with a ground-type or Griffon into water, you instantly dismount. But as I explained above you are launched in mid-air, so you will normally stop below the water-surface. That means you cannot mount your skimmer immediately.
  • To avoid this, you can dismount your ground type slightly before reaching the water and use your glider to land softly on the water. In that case you are directly on the surface and can instantly mount the skimmer.
  • Another method is to press Jump the moment you drop below the surface. If timed correctly, you will jump out of the water instantly.
  • When you are about to transfer from ground to water, try to turn your camera horizontal behind your character. As you naturally press forward, the 3rd person perspective will push you below the water-surface in most cases what will make mounting the skimmer even more difficult.

Water => Ground

  • If you want to get on higher ground than the water-surface, do not jump. Instead just try to quickly switch to a ground-type. When dismounting the skimmer, you also get a little updraft which will often be enough to get on the higher ground and instantly mount a ground-type. Works with height 2-3m. If you did this a few times, you can easily see where this will work and where not. If you have to transfer water => ground with equal height, try to aim for rocks.
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I keep them all clustered near the left shift key.X - default - RaptorShift-S - SpringerShift-Z - Zskimmer (it's a mnemonic)Shift-D - Jackal ("Dog")Shift-A - Griffon (the "All-mount")Had to add another for Beetle, running out of space, so that's Shift-X

It makes switching super fast, since I run and steer with my mouse LMB/RMB pressed. Just hold Shift down and tap the key of the mount I want to get on, regardless of the one I'm riding, because tapping any mount key dismounts you. Brief pause and tap the key again, and boom I'm on the new mount. No pause needed for swapping to griffon as others have said, just a fast double tap. If I am trying to mount, I'm not trying to fight, so it's ok to have my hand moved away from the combat keys.

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I use an AZERTY keyboard, so the layout's a bit weird for people used to QWERTY types.$ = Raptorstar(1) = Skimmerù = Mr Buns! = Jackalcolon(1) = Griffy; = Petey

These keys are all on the right-hand end of an AZERTY keyboard, near the Entrée and right Maj (Majuscule = upper case, i.e. Shift) keys.

(1) The perils of Markdown. Star and colon do special things, and are to be avoided.

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