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So when is the Dev Tracker actually gonna be functional again?

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It's been now approximately 2 years since we've moved over to this forum design and had the dev tracker completely changed. The issue of being unable to see the most recent comments of the devs had been put on a temporary fix with the addition of the carousel and nothing has been said or done about it since. I am posting this as I've come to the forums tonight to see if today in junction to the patch, we'd see comments about the game from the devs yet found every single post in the carousel (on every page) to be a response from the Narrative Q&A which seems a bit much to take over the whole carousel and the only reliable way to find the most recent posts by Anet.

The current dev tracker is unable to sort by most recent and will bump up old threads if they are being replied to by regular users of the forums, no matter when the last post of a dev in the thread was. Per example here: lgZ1Izc.png

You can see the highlighted thread (#6 from the top) is a thread that dates from September 2017 with the most recent response being July 30 2019. Here's the problem: The most recent Dev post in the thread dates from November 2018! (on page 14 out of 16 pages) Bm9SdX0.pngWhy is this bumped up so high? I'm not trying to comment on the actual thread but simply how this is not how the tracker should work at all.

This Dev tracker is unusable. Please update us about this & fix the darn thing. The Dev Tracker is the most valuable feature of these forums and the direct communication channel between the players and the company. The carousel is a bandaid fix that has been in place for 2 years with no proper fix since. We used to have a working, proper and responsive dev tracker prior to the redesign of the forums, it's been a blow in my usage of these forums entirely and I know I'm not alone in this.

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Realistically, it'll probably never improve. Changes like this have to go through Vanilla, so what we already got is probably all that they're capable of. It is possible to do it properly however, considering ESO did it, but they're also hosting it themselves, so it could be a custom modification.

As an alternative, you can search by author to essentially create your own post tracker, though it will only show the most recent post per topic, with any additional posts hidden under it. Here's a very long link for searching all of the current ArenaNet members (click the arrow in the search box for more info).

@Kitta.3657 said:Vanilla is the web designer or is it the host?

Both. Vanilla Forums is the company that created this forum software. It's open source and can be hosted yourself, but they also offer it as a paid service, which is what ArenaNet went with. Vanilla customized this forum package for ArenaNet and is hosting it for them, which means all core changes have to go through them. It's why links are still broken nearly a month later for example, although it should have only taken a moment to fix.

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@Kitta.3657 said:Vanilla is the web designer or is it the host?In this case, both: their software, their servers. They are also responsible for tech support.

That's why a forum user can post a bug, another player can post the actual CSS error and how it can be fixed with a change of 4-5 characters sometimes, and yet it can go unaddressed for weeks.

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