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[EU][PvE][rT] Retaliate opening doors for PvE specialists


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Welcome to the Retaliate[rT] recruitment thread!

Once more we are looking for new blood to re-establish our fancy ranks!

But who are we?

Retaliate is an old guild formed in 2013 out of the [sOLO] guild, which used to recruit anyone who managed to solo Giganticus Lupicus back when this was still an uncommon feat. To turn it up a notch, [rT] is now looking for the best of the best players in the PvE community who are always looking for challenge; those who wish to call themselves PvE specialists. We have since developed into a guild focusing on every aspect of the PvE endgame. Many well known players have been in our ranks. Think of gw2dungeons.net ‘s Wethospu.

Our main ingame focus is raids as well as fractals and occasional dungeons, with our members often running in smaller groups, and maybe setting record times in full party scenarios.

Retaliate is aiming to once again be an unorthodox guild full of laid back, creative players who wish to seek out and confront new challenges while enjoying the game to the fullest.

We are not looking for new players, underachievers, or players that don’t know the ins and outs of their class assets to min-max at an expert level. We are looking for players that truly excel and are outliers from the general public; players that are capable of playing at a level only attainable through experience and practice.

Do you feel like you belong yet? Then maybe you need to check out our trials!As we only seek out those who are excellent players both on their own as well as in a group, rT works with a trial system to select members.

While our previous recruitment requirement required only solo play in places like arah and fractals, judgement will now be passed by running along with one of our class specific class officers, who will see how they like you as you run with them in trial.A list of contactable trial officers can be found below.But before trialing:

What do we expect from you?

  • Good knowledge of instanced PvE encounters, most importantly fractals and raids.
  • The ability and willingness to speak English and listen in Discord.
  • The ability to play solo and in a team at a high level.
  • A laid back attitude.
  • Be present on EU servers.
  • Activity.
  • An open and creative mind.
  • Interest and willingless to learn and improve while playing.
  • Ability to represent at least 90% of the time.
  • Enough experience with fractals/raids to have the necessary equipment
  • Experience with at least 2 classes, allowing you to switch when necessary

And what can you expect from us in return?

  • A community of active, fun, competent players.
  • All Guild benefits such as missions and a hall
  • An enthusiastic welcome.
  • A laid back community feel, no responsibilities, lots of possibilities!
  • Ability to learn and improve among fun players.
  • A supportive environment allowing you to truely excel.
  • Note: No guaranteed dungeons tours.

Want to get the rT feel in a different format? Try checking out the Class guides we made for Dulfy.net, one of which you may be next to improve upon!

——Or visit our long time reluctant leader's youtube channel!——


TRIALINGFor trialing we ask you to pick out a class which you personally feel most comfortable with and contact one of our respective class trialers! These players will bring you along a (dungeon)+fractal+raid related trial which consists of whatever they feel is needed to see if you fit in.Remember that trials will test both your gameplay and personality, so be relaxed, we're just as weird as you.

After contacting a trialer via mail or whisper, they will trial you within the week or redirect you to another trialer of the same class if they are unable to do so.

Trial content is related to the class it’s done with, and will vary even between two of the same class’ trialers.

Warrior Class: Vango.9573Mesmer Class: Sanderinoa.8065Guardian Class: Keksmuffin.1450Ranger Class: Konina.7051Engineer Class: Nephalem.8921Thief Class: PanZielony.2843Necromancer: Sublimatio.6981Elementalist: Sanderinoa.8065/ ZipperZak.3926

Special chance!Because of our current lack of members, some classes are lacking trialers!This gives you the perfect opportunity to join us and immediately ascend to class trialer. Are you a Revenant of exceptional skill and class knowledge? All you have to do to take your rightful place is to do the following:

  • Lowman: Show us proof of your exceptional skills in a lowman setting, preferentially solo, through recording or simply inviting one of us, as you take out difficult boss through your creative work with the class you love.
  • Writen part: Show us your personality and class knowledge by writing a small piece on your class and what it can do in which settings, much like our old dulfy guides. Make sure this conveys the message to us that you know exactly what do to with your class and can explain this well to the others of your kind.

Simply contact Sanderinoa.8065 in-game or by mail at sanderinoa@gmail.com once you have completed this, and we'll figure out whether you're the woman/man for the job!

Any questions regarding special circumstances, trials and general recruitment should be directed at Sanderinoa.8065. Please use ingame mail for this, as well as for all other important contact with our guildmembers.

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