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1v1 Tournament by hoLy and Bhda


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Okay guys, 1v1 tournament this time around, we are trying for a bigger price pool, news in discord :)

10th August 19:00 CEST , discord link https://discord.gg/jHU3tu3


-Best of 5

-Two minute time limit

-The map is Hall of the Mists

-Trait change IS aloud

-If you want to, you can change class ONCE during each best of 5 but you have to start with a chosen class, example, if you choose warrior, you always start a fight Vs each person with warrior and can proceed to change if you lose a round.

-Chaos Interruption, Menders and Knights amulet are BANNED.

As always, 10g per person to join, winner gets the loot, if enough teams there will be more prize money. Add your account name and chosen class to the #registration tab.

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