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Queen's gauntled help/strategies (talk thread for everyone)

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Hi. I'd like this thread to be one where eveyone can share strategies and talk about Queen's Gauntled. Tell me what you played if you had any special builds that were easy: Which boss? With/without expansions.?Differend classes (professions)? Or ask for specific help. Also this is for talking about the achievements of course - t1-t3 bosses without achievements are not that hard I think.

I main an engineer and I'm still playing without expansions. 2013 I did every achievement but I think I also used my Ele and Guardian. (Not the ranger though I think ... and all other 4 profressions the chars weren't ready yet - low level.) So as long as the bosses didn't get buffed in t1-t3 it should still be possible for me there. (Depends on how much the traits/skills of my chars got changed from 2013 to now but I think core stuff mostly got buffed.)

T1 to T2 is pretty easy. Windcaller I used stability (elixir, flamethrower + trait) and lots of gadgets on my engineer to knock her back. + Glasscannon build (focused more on crit damage and percentage cause some traits I use trigger on crit.) Same for the end bosses in that tier. The pirate crew was pretty easy just dodging around spamming my bombs. Needed less than half of the time I think.

Stuck a bit with Chomper and Subject 7 and the boss in T3 for now. But I guess I just need a bit training. Since engineer has already tons of CC chomper (without letting him get meat of course the basic kill for that one is super easy) it should not be that hard. Subject 7 ... I dunno but I can't seem do to it. Having even a bit of trouble with the basic kill without trying for achievement on engineer but I think I did it on elementalist with a glasscannon built and the fire skills that also move you around (avoiding damage while doing so) while attacking. Haven't really played the ele again since my break (end 2013 until beginning june 2019).

Does anyone have experience with the T4 special bosses (normal kill and maybe with special achivements if there are any) - without expansions? (Maybe some players are still there that did this 2018 or so - and bought expansions only later. Or maybe there are classes where core is better than elite. I have ele, guardian, engineer, ranger and thief at level 80 I think. The warrior, meser, necro are doing their leveling and personal story in a normal way: map completion a bit while leveling. Then story. So I'm not rushing them.)

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Most of the bosses are near-identical to the first Gauntlet, so you can look up core-prof strategies on the 'net. I think Dulfy's original guide is still available, for example.

One thing I strongly recommend is to swap professions against different bosses. The same fight that kicks your engineer's rear repeatedly might turn out to be a lot easier with a ranger. Each boss has some sort of fundamental weakness and some sort of major hazard, so try to match your prof to at least one of those.

Another big tip is to move to different arenas along the catwalk. Look for anyone who seems to know what they are doing and watch (even ask questions). (Less often, it can also help to watch someone doing it poorly, as maybe you're making the same mistakes... and it's always easier to see that from the outside.)

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I've done everything except Ossa and 8 orb Liadri with a soulbeast. Condi works well if you're having trouble with mechanics since your opening rotation will continue to do damage as you dodge and move around. For the more interesting achievements like denying Chomper any food or 5 gambits on a T3, you need power and you need to be really on top of things. I dropped Chomper in the first few seconds with a full raid rotation on power soulbeast. For the 5 gambit achievement, I ran Exhausted, Frailty, Hamstrung, On Fire, and Squeamish. I chose these to avoid the pain of another opponent or the major disadvantage of Descension. I chose Deadeye Dunwell since that fight is one of the more straightforward ones of T3 and just CC'ed him into oblivion. Ranger's many movement/evasion skills on most weapons definitely helped make Exhausted and Hamstrung not be a big deal.

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@"Luthan.5236" said:Stuck a bit with Chomper and Subject 7 and the boss in T3 for now. [...] Does anyone have experience with the T4 special bosses (normal kill and maybe with special achivements if there are any) - without expansions?Chomper shouldn't be particularly difficult if you have a decent dps. For the "no meat" achievement, I used a core warrior, but among the classes that you have at lv80, I'd say the ranger (lots of CC). That's what I used last year, but my damage was too low, so even after 4 meats, the warg was still alive (this year it died after 2).

Deadeye Dunwell just requires a timed dodge when he shoots you, he has few HP. This is a good boss to try the 5-gambits achievements (I choose Frailty, Hamstring, On Fire, Squeamish, Descension). Last year I killed him with a thief (because thief vs thief was just cool), this year I got the 5-gambits with a core warrior. But you already have a thief, so try with that (a power ranger should work too). Careful with the mines though: they will insta-kill you.

Liadri is where I stopped last year (my characters had random exotic gear, with random runes and no sigils, so low damage). This year I tried with a condi ranger (SB actually) and it was fairly easy. For the 8 orbs achievement, I used Skirmishing 232, Wilderness 312, shortbow, the classic brown bear (but it really doesn't matter in this case), Troll unguent, Lightning Reflexes, Muddy Terrain, Signet of Hunt, Entangle.The key here (for me) is to slow down your damage (so that you have time to throw 8 orbs -> you don't need utilities to deal dmg) and slow down the clones as well. When you see several clones going to the same rift, use a trap (like muddy terrain) to slow down one of them, so that they don't reach the rift together (it would be difficult to pick up the orb then). If you have several clones + Liadri near one orb, lure them a bit far from it, use Entangle and go back to pick it up.In general, if you pay attention to the red AoEs (there's a specific cicle, but during the fight it's easy to get lost, so just remember where it was last AoE and go there after: it never happens twice on the same spot), you should use the dodges only to pass through the clones (sometimes you have to risk, to pick up an orb, before it disappears). If you find yourself surrounded by clones, in the middle of an AoE, use Lightning Reflexes, the panic button.The engineer should also be a good choice for this boss.

For Turai, I tried few classes, but in the end I succeeded with a core warrior (Strength 132, Arms 213, Discipline 221, For Great Justice, Bull's Charge, Signet of Stamina, Signet of Rage, double axe). In case you will level up the warrior in the next 2 weeks, the idea is to run in circle, close to the wall, and dodge everytime you see him jumping to you. You need several dodges: after you use your first 2, use For Great Justice: thanks to Might Makes Right, you will gain an endurance bar. After using the third dodge, use the Signet of Stamina. This should give you almost 2 endurance bars. Then, For Great Justice again for another dodge. Use the Signet of Rage when you run in circle, for the swiftness.When Turai goes to the mid, it's very important that you still have 1 dodge available: use it to avoid the sword that he'll throw. Then, Bull's Charge and dps him hard (thanks to Unsuspecting Foe). Repeat this another time, and when he reaches the 50% he will become a butter cake. If you go down here, don't panic: vengeance and beat him hard! (if he's at 50%, 10 seconds are enough to kill him).Since you have a thief, you can try with it. I used a DD with shortbow and it was obviously much easier to dodge him. But I lacked CC to stun him. Basilisk Venom wasn't enough, so I needed a second CC (Impairing Daggers). This was fine at the first CC, but the second CC happens when Basilisk is still in cd, so I needed a third CC... in the end my damage was too low. Unless you don't care about CC and just dps him (someone posted a video with a thief, in another thread, so it's definitely doable. I don't remember if it was core though).

And good luck!

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Subject 7 is pretty easy. Pop all dps skills and burn it.I have done every gambit achievment on subject 7 with my Dragonhunter

Strugar and Chomper is also pure dps race. just pop everything on chomper. if he runs for the meat, just CC or just kill him. After that kill strugar.

King Turai Ossa is pretty easy with a Guardian ( i have done it with Dragonhunter Scepter+Shield / GS ) and use every aegis block ability.Mesmer Mirage, Thief Daredevil, Ranger Soulbeast, Warrior Spellbreaker are also pretty handy here.First block and dodge everything. When he goes to the middle, dodge the hammer and break the bar.Then block and dodge again everything ( you dont need to dps him ). Dodge the hammer, break the breakbar and then kill him.the most important thing is to dodge the hammer and then break the bar to remove his two buffs.

imo Liadri is the only difficult fight because you have the play the mechanics for a long time.

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