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I really want this as a mount skin or mount. Please!!

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Necromancers unite the perfect mount is out there. Anet please can we get an awakened abomination mount skin. They would make awesome mounts, they could be jackal, griffon, or raptor as they are so different they could meld into any of those. And it fits the theme of the game, we have mount skins that look like nothing else in the game so why not one thats actually part of the game world. Foofoo mounts are fine, but some people may want something a bit darker, esp my necro. And what better than an abomination!


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@"AgentMoore.9453" said:As cool as the Awakened Abominations look, I feel I must point out that they are completely sentient beings.

They can talk, express individuality, and develop tactics, and I'm not entirely convinced that they and the Awakened Canids aren't just body-modded Humans crafted by Joko from spare parts.

Even better! As a necromancer body parts and souls make no matter to us, the more the merrier. Also are not dragonkin sentient? Skyscales are sentient no? They are born of dragons

Yes i can see the reason, such a cool skin deserves to be a mount.

@Lexi.1398 said:The Nightfang Gryphon skin looks very necro-y

True, but its more pretty. I want something horrifying. Something dark and twisted.

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