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Bug: disappearing projectiles

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A pre PoF problem. I've seen it with various abilities. The projectile isn't blocked or evaded or obstructed. The projectile just vanishes into thin air. I'd note that things that are consumed on hit/miss/block like venoms are not consumed.

I've seen it pop up around necromancer marks and other aoe fields. Again, not fields that are supposed to block projectiles. The effect isn't consistent either.

I think it is related to "no valid path to target" bugs over flat ground where there should be a path. The game seems to want to find a path and when it fails the ability just stalls.

There was a fix put in a little while ago that cleared up some of the most egregious pathing errors. If this fix can be improved or enhanced it might solve these projectile problems as well.

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I was able to find a large collection of this bug.

Last night I was helping out my brother complete early HoT story in Verdant Brink. As we went around we did the "find the scout" in Coztik Itzel village. Projectiles were disappearing all over the place. The NPC's were not in the spot the skill program thought they should be, the skill fired in the wrong direction and then the projectiles disappeared.

I used a stolen skill (Deadeye) with fire for Effect at range 600+. Nothing happened. It was if I had missed somehow but the NPC was standing there unobstructed down the slope of the hill with the switchbacks next to the village. No buffs or debuffs applied to either the NPC or myself. Auto attack normally triggers on using the stolen skills but no auto attack was triggered.

My brother said he also wasn't hitting in an odd way. He used ranger longbow 5 and the projectiles disappeared rather than hitting his target.

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