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Looking for an old GW1 video

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Does this belong here? I feel it does. I'm a player looking for help from players.I have been searching for some videos from years ago and I cannot find them. If there would be anyone to help, I figured it would be you guys. It was a series of fanmade videos back in the days of the Inc Frosty guild dance videos, to give you an idea of how old it is. The videos were in the style of cheesy news reports with an anchor and co-anchor sitting behind an edited in desk, and local correspondents of in game characters with voice acting thrown on top. I cannot remember full details but I think they talked about in game events, story, new campaigns, etc. Easily one of the best jokes was talking about holidays and the map changes for the major cities during Halloween and Christmas. When they got to Factions, they referred to it as "Cantha, the land that ArenaNet hates." Solid gold.If anyone has any idea of what I am talking about, send me some links.And, if it so pleases, here is one of my favorite GW1 videos:

I know, its old, its awful, but come on, 2:57 is pretty great.
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