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Open world solo: Selfish Boon Beast Critique request


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Hi All,

I've been doing some theory-crafting on a build that I thought would be fun for open world, casual dungeons, and possibly fractals?There are a couple of goals of the build:

  • Reach solo crit cap
  • Perma-fury
  • 100% boon duration when Vulture Stance is up
  • Ranged weapon for some engagements
  • Maximize regen potential without too much loss (crit food, signet, and regen)

I came away with 2 variants and I think I have preference for Skirm / BM / SB:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vNAQNAR3XnUqAtCi9rAe8Cs8ilCBj5dV1SdPdhZQAI/62dLvnQ60eD-jxSBQB4R3gxuAAiSVHyok4vqFcFlZEZ/BA8EAK3BBYkKBDsSh6BIASphAIABQIAzjBA-e

  • Solo crit cap with fury in BM, or crit cap with pet out and flanking (pet can tank)
  • Napkin math has more damage than Marksman variant when sigil is fully charged
  • Can swap food and Spotter for groups if appropriate
  • Poor access to Might (I've had some luck stacking with Axe 1)

Marksman Variant: http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?vNAQNAR3XnUqAtCi9rAe8Cs8il8AL/9Wf7vP1hlQGYJAUAOdnQq3nD-jBTBQBG7CAcFlZkRJhoUVhI7PgHdDUSFCGcQA+raBA4JAEYlCjUJYAgEAJThAmn5BhAMPGA-e

  • Easier solo might generation w/ Hunter's Gaze
  • Higher base damage with Farsighted and Predator's Onslaught
  • Reliant on sigil charges to crit cap / not crit capped out of BM

Overall the differences between the builds are minor and the builds are based off of the Metabattle raid dps and the Metabattle Openworld event build, but I spent a few hours tweaking the builds and any insight would be appreciated.

Also input on how to maintain higher might stacks with the Skirmishing build? I found some success popping Vulture, getting some stacks with Axe 1 and then using Heal As One.

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