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QOL: Locking Inventory Bags

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Hello all,

I do not post on the forums very often. However, I just wanted to propose a small quality of life upgrade.

I am one of those players that likes to carry an additional set of armor and weapons on my characters so I can change my build while in the open world without having to run back to a bank. I put them in an invisible bag so I do not accidentally sell them to vendors. What can get annoying sometimes is when I loot items and they end up in my bag that I have devoted specifically to my armor and weapons.

Personally, I would love the ability to lock an inventory bag (sort of like locking skills to a skill bar in other games) to prevent additional loot from going into it. That way I could leave the bag alone unless I need it and not have to constantly sift through it to remove unrelated items.


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@"Trise.2865" said:Or you could use an 8-, 12-, or 15-slot bag instead of wasting space you have no intention of using.

True. One could say that it's suboptimal and a waste of potential bag slots, but that's exactly what "locking the bag" would do anyways. :p

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