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Duo pet??

Tom Hsiao.9705

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Ranger weapon coefficients are already subpar due to pets being a thing.With the way Anet is starting to handle "trade-offs" with elite specs I can only imagine how ranger damage would be gutted with a dual-pet spec.Best to stick with the hyena. =p (Don't actually do that, core pet AI in particular leaves something to be desired.)

~ Kovu

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You can run Duo pet. Balthazar elite skill, I don't know if they still have bird for Rune of the Pirate. And run Hyena. Believe me...you can run multiple "pets". As a ranger. Depending on what Rune s you have and any special Elite skills that you may have. You can be just like a Necro, and be an army of one. Bunch of animals.Some of the runes allow a "Summon" animal or Elemental type.

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Most of the other professions believe we're "Overpowered". I always thought, what if Ranger's had an insect swarm pet. Locusts...Fleas...Bee's..... Why does our the Ranger pet have to be a single large Arachnid, or Animal? Why not a swarm. Stinging, biting. Something to blur your vision while doing a nice bit of damage. "Well that's what birds are for." Still...couple of swarms. 1-3 insect swarms. :D An ant swarm, that you see as a shadow on the ground, because their so tiny. Be almost like a stealthed pet that bites you, and you have to stop to deal with the buggers. Sort of like forcing the enemy to smack themselves causing them to inflict damage directly to themselves. YAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I want that!

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