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Mix outfits with armour parts?

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@"neoteo.3975" said:Mix outfits with armour parts?Probably an old request, but it would be nice to be able mix.

It isn't possible for a couple of reasons.

  • Outfits are designed as onesies; they don't have parts that can be mixed.
  • They are a different weight from light|medium|heavy, and don't share the same "rigging"

The entire reason for outfits is the fact that they can't be mixed, which makes them easier to design, since they don't need to be checked for compatibility. (There's a ton of threads about this, including quotes by devs explaining this in more detail.)

Everyone (including the devs) would love to see more skins in the game, more mix & match. There just aren't enough designers in the universe to sate our appetite for fashion.

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Yes it would be nice, but it's not likely to happen, beyond what they're already doing where certain pieces of outfits are also available as armour. For example you can buy Braham's Wolfblood Outfit as a one-piece or just the pauldrons as an armour piece.

As other people have said they switched from making town clothes to making outfits partially because it's quicker and easier for the developers to make a 1-piece outfit which doesn't have to fit together with anything else, they're not likely to go back to making individual pieces instead. Which is a shame because there's lots of outfits I'd like to be able to combine with armour (or even with each other), but it seems the choice is this or nothing.

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