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Festival Tokens not appearing to vendor

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I'm worried because I haven't seen other people complaining about this...

Since the Festival of the Four Winds started, I've been unable to use Festival Tokens at the vendors. Both festival rewards vendors in the Labyrinthine Cliffs and in the Crown Pavilion show my funds as 0 when I have tokens in my bags. Switching which bags they're in does nothing. Logging in and out doesn't work. Switching characters doesn't work.

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@"Najten.2418" said:Thanks! Was wondering the same thing.Odd to have to consume a token to be able to use it though, not sure I've seen that during a festival before? :)

It's new.ANet is moving away from tokens taking up inventory space and using the wallet instead. Because "Festival Tokens (item)" were introduced with the first version of FotW 6 years ago, there's the necessary transition period of using the original mechanics (item drops).

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