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[NA][VINE] Cult of the Vine [Role Play] and D&D guild recruiting!

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A brand new guild focused entirely on role players, Guild Wars themed Dungeons and Dragons, and developing a community of like-minded nerds and geeks.

So I have two gaming loves: D&D and Gw2. For years I've been enjoying them both, but separately, and I'd love to marry the two into a lovely geek cocktail :D

Things I plan on implementing as we grow:

-Monthly guild hall parties that feature puzzles and scavenger hunts that send you all over Tyria to compete for prizes.

-Regular guild wars themed D&D one shots and mini campaigns held in Roll20 (A virtual Table Top Role Playing suite).

-Text and voiced-based Role Playing events to be enjoyed in-game or on the Discord server.

-Recruitment of other Dungeon Masters well versed enough in the lore to run additional games.

If interested, feel free to join my Discord: https://discord.gg/bgZ743r

Or send me a mail in Guild Wars: Luke Jenkins:4518

Thanks for your consideration, and may your adventures in and out of Tyria be worthy of song!

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