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Pig Iron Quarry Tribulation Route... Because Of The Number Of Requests For More After The Last One

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The last one... Vizier's Tower Tribulation Mode (The number of requests for more was 0, then again the number of requests to not do more was also 0, Interest all round was pretty much 0, sooo....)

Was I originally looking for a shortcut?... Yes.Could this be used as a shortcut?... In terms of distance maybe, in terms of time; that really depends on how consistently you can pull it off.What is it then?... A shorter, more difficult alternate route to the end of the JP that I consider to be this JPs tribulation mode, as a reference to SAB.Will there be tears?... One can only hope.

Pig Iron Quarry Tribulation Route

For copy paste, in case I can't get the link to work:https://imgur.com/tjUv3qA

Edit: Including the words: jumping puzzle

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