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QoL suggestions, problems & solutions and general ideas.


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Hey, my name is Andy and I'd like to post some ideas and suggestions that bugged me a lot recently. I try to list them in a table with a description and small feedback on the current implementation that causes the problem. I hope it will give devs some ideas for future implementations as I am always happy if my favourite game since 2005 makes progress.

Keep in mind that these are my ideas and you may not like all of them. I will add more while I try to remember the ideas I had in the past.

Minor Sigills filling the inventory after salvaging low tier gear. It is nice that we got the option to "Salvage all" on salavage kits, but it really needs a fix for the minor sigill spam."Sell all garbage" button at vendor to also sell minor sigills after reaching level 80; Or tick box in options to enhance "Sell garbage" button to also sell minor sigills.
Single "Acsended Salvage Tool" filling the inventory when doing daily fractals.Should be stackable if the drop rate of this item stays this high.
"Potion of <map> attunement" buff duration of 15 minutes is too short and it drives me mad to always have to leave the maps to craft Greater 1 hour long potions.My idea is to allow the 15 minutes Bonus Buff to stack up to 6 times to last an hour just like the percentage of fractal tonics (Mist Potions) stack. It would make the 15 minute potions useful and not only useful for a recipe in order to craft 1 hour potions.
"Advertise your group" and corresponding windows covering important unmoveable windows like fractals that need to be visible to know what to advertise for (ex. fractal difficulty). It is nice that we get to see which fractals are daily achievements in the Fractal UI (while the Daily Fractals achievement category is a incomprehensible mess), but you still need to memorize them because of the unmoveable "Edit description" LFG UI element that covers the Fractal UI.UI element "Edit description" of "Advertise your group" should be moveable; Or/And UI elements like Fractals should be moveable.
No build templates make it a pain to swap roles.The easiest way to implement it (and may be only plausible way for the coders): click
Flesh Worm / Necrotic Traversal identity crisis. Necro is not a roamer and for defensive use it's almost better to use another profession than this skillShould swap position one more time or range should be higher. Swap position with worm -> worm has 5 second timer until it dies -> If activated again while worm is still alive: swap position with worm again and worm dies instantly.
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Combo fields getting nullified by combo fields of a different type. Certain professions like elementalist and their water fields or reaper have trouble with others covering their combo fields with combo fields of a different type. Since we got the Holy Trinity of Heal, Tank, DPS this should also be adressed.Combo finishers should prioritize combo fields with the same origin over other combo fields.
There are a lot of books in the game that feel like a monologue when reading, because it uses the dialogue UI element.Books, sheets, journals would benefit and shine with a prober UI elementReddit

You can post your own ideas with this markdown formatted table:

| **Problem**  | **Solution** | source ||--|--|--||  Your problem |  your idea |  if source |
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