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Encoding.GetEncoding(1252) C# FR letters


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@Morozzko.2136 said:Same as ISO-8859-1 and windows-1252 shoud it works as charracter id?

@Morozzko.2136 said:Okey some guys have nickname as :"Magè" and when i parse https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/characters?access_token= i got wrong symbols, any solution?

Your API-client should treat all data from the API, this includes the character names, as UTF-8 encoded. If you use internally a different character encoding in your client you have to convert the data from UTF-8 to i.e. ISO-8859-1 etc. but then you have to convert it back to UTF-8 when you use the character name for the endpoint: "v2/characters/:id/"

But be aware: There are UTF-8 characters that have no corresponding character in ISO-8859-1 and other single byte encodings. These would be lost if you convert to ISO-8859-1.

So the best solution (if possible for your app) would be to use only UTF-8 character encoding in your app/client.

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