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Why there aren't many constructive feedback threads


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It is easy to notice how the forums, specifically PvP forum, are filled with salt, it just takes a couple of minutes. The reason for that goes back to human nature and how Arena Net's developer team is structured. This is not a hate thread. I do not want to bash on the current developers, this would never be my intention. Also, this is purely based on personal opinion and i am sorry if this offends anyone.

First, lets talk about why there is so much hate. There are currently quite a few issues with PvP, i am sure everyone knows that, but this is the most pressing one: Currently the meta has 2 dominant classes that overshadow the others. I am pretty sure we all know that by now. This happens on both high tier PvP and lower tier PvP. Specially on lower tier PvP. Scourge and Spellbreaker. Funny enough, the only thing that can survive a scourge long enough to break it alone is a spellbreaker, in most scenarios. And it goes the other way around too, the only thing that can actually penetrate the spellbreaker's defenses is a scourge. Both classes have their weaknesses but their strengths simply compensate them to the point of making other builds unviable. Scourge and Spellbreaker are making other builds unviable. And if you want me to hit the monetary wound, with PoF specs, on a PvP perspective, there barely one reason to buy HoT.

And the community has let Arena Net know that, in a salty language, sure, but yeah, they did. But if you scroll down the forums you'll notice: Arena Net NEVER replies to these balance comment threads. Why? There is no real PvP Balance team on their develeper squad. Who should really advocate for it? No one. There is no incentive for the community making constructive feedback threads. Why should we put in the work? And salty threads? Well, salty threads come from the heat of the moment. Come from being frustrated from losses streaks and instakills and such.

In the end of the day, we, players, are the ones who suffer. Is there a plan for balancing scourge and spellbreaker? Does Arena Net even think balancing is needed? I'd like to have a reason for the silent threatment that we have other than just "we don't have a pvp team" but i can't figure out any other excuse. Is it fear of promissing and not delivering? That is not a problem. Just let us know that you, developers, know there is an issue. I am sure the hate thread numbers will go down. This is mutual benefict. A happier community makes the game grow. It is clear the silent threatment is really doing us both, players and developers, no good.

That being said i'd like to congrats Arena Net on the smooth launch and the PvE content PoF offers. Mounts are great and truly outstanding. The maps are fun. Art/Design/Programming/Writers/Production/Marketing, everything was on spot. (Forgive me if i fail to mention any team, all of you did an outstanding job). Many aspects of PvP were addressed correctly. And the timing? Right after LW updates, i don't know how you did it.

EDIT: Grammar fixes, bad english :persevere:

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@Sorem.9157 said:Scourge and Spellbreaker are making other builds unviable. And if you want me to hit the monetary wound, with PoF specs, on a PvP perspective, there barely one reason to buy HoT.

I don't think so. They are strong but neither mandatory or unbeatable, and both come from a weak status in PvP in pre-PoF. Talking as a player from gold playing power Herald, not having too much problem fighting them. You don't need PoF to properly play in PvP.

And yes, the game mode (PvP) deserves a more close look at balance; instead of having a balance patch each 4 months (before every PvP season) they should at least double or triple that frequency. But that is a different matter: ANet should have a more proactive role in terms of communication about game balance, but must be remarked that the game no longer aspires to be an e-sport, and PvP/WvW are small portions of the whole game in terms of population (despite for some of us is the most interesting part about).

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There are threads and replies...but more "players" rather be salty or just deliberately ignore feedback threads/replies.

About your developer comment, there was literally a reply 6 hours before your post: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/comment/171103/#Comment_171103 . Not saying they are SUPER DUPER ACTIVE with the PvP community, but they did talk about it and it seems like they are talking about stuff we discuss behind closed doors (for better or worse). Some things do warrant some dev-and-community discussion...while others shouldn't expect "okay, xXScourgeBreakerXx.1337 we are listening to you and just you and here is our confirmation." That just won't happen because that may lead to empty promises.

Remember, they have the data on their end too to essentially "fact check" claims.

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