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[EU] Static Raid Team [aT] RECRUITMENT OPEN: BS/DPS/Chrono


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Static team for raids [aT] Absolute Trash \o/. Raid team, not a guild. Set 10 members.We have people who fill at times (old members & friends).

  • Raiding on Monday + Tuesday 7 pm UK time for ~2,5h hours.
  • Discord required! , but talking is not.
  • Most have enough LI to craft Envoy Herald title, done CM's.
  • Multi-classing +1.

We are looking for banners (condi+power),possibly a chrono if there's one lost wanderinghave a slot or two for dps and some work for alaren / q fb.

Hey there!Offline -life comes first and most things can be organized with some coordination, so speak up and get involved - we'll try to make things work.If you're still reading, you should know that you'll have to deal with bad puns, sarcasm, sensless chit-chat without really forgetting all the nerdylyfe stuff while struggling to get by in life and other salty kittens.


  • I wouldn't want to put a LI requirement as we don't nitpick too much, but looking for a good, chill raider ~500LI.
  • OR enough experience on majority of the wings + bosses, fast learner, maybe raided before in different games :-P
  • Prefer it if you could be there every week throughout the raid on both days.
  • Have your toons geared up properly and willing to swap around if needed https://snowcrows.com/
  • Good knowledge of the raid encounters but willing to meet half way (learning new mechanic heavy roles like kiting etc).
  • Profession wise our aim is that everyone can play a support and a dps class for the sake of everyone's enjoyment (playing the fillers).
  • We would prefer it that you're generally fairly experienced at the game.
  • Lastly have patience and don't take things too seriously.

TLDR: Just be a chill dude or gal w/ dedication but who also doesn't take gaming too seriously.For we are all 23+ and raid on our free time because we like the game and the contentand each other's company.

RECRUITMENT OPEN FOR 4 SPOTS!We want to get to know each other so won't be recruiting masses but individuals.Mail me in-game Tensi.5981 for info /invite.Get to know us and crash our voip!

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