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Aspect Arena - Send some love ANet!

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Dear Anet,

The Aspect Arena is a blast.It has been hilariously fun to play it again this year after not realizing ti had been available till a day before the end of last years four winds festival.Please show this wonderful game mode some love!Make it part of the achievements, add it to the activity roster, replace pvp with it (okay not that), anything really!

Why is this wonderful game being ignored?!?

SincerelyCalvsie, King Thereof.

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I agree with both posts above. Noticed this for Sanctum Sprint as well (where I'm still missing some of the permanent achievements from when I played back then in 2013). I bet a lot of people are playing this even less - because too busy with farming the other event which can only be farmed now. If this event is over and it is in LA in rotation more people would do these activities.

At least a daily for participation and maybe in the annual tab a repeatable achievement. Not tied to winning/skill just to have an additional incentive to play for fun.

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I Agree, the position is a nonsense, and most of the visitors even don't know it exist, if you even try to play and no one is there you just stay "trapped" for a minute and then you return to the lab map, with this "great game design" obviously you don't play this wonderful game, someone should really rework this incredibly fun and understimate part of the festival, as it is now it's just a waste of time and resources.

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