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Change fixed gathering nodes / vm / um from 24hr reset to reset with daily Please? ?

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It's funny... but after all these years it finally got to me after starting to go back to farm LW3 maps lately

this may not had been an issue back in the heydays when the maps are populated and new instances are created , since all these fixed nodes / vm / um bypassed the 24 hour timer on new map the next daybut because these maps barely have enough players to trigger a new map instance, so you have to wait 24 hours

what I found annoying and have negative QoL impact with the 24 hour timer, because I played on Friday nights after work, on weekend I play during day time so I can spend time with family and friends at night, but these fixed nodes / vm / um wont respawn until I wait until the same hour that i farmed them on Friday night ?

Anet, can we please change the fixed the gathering nodes, volatile magic, unbounded magic, and any that I missed from 24 hours reset to reset with daily reset timer?

  1. so it will be consistent, everything resets at the daily reset timer
  2. and obviously will improve QoL by not turning it into a 'fixed timer' schedule
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Yes, please

I've been asking for this for so long that I forgot it was on my long list of "why did they even implement this in the first place" mechanics. And I agree: it's more of an issue now because new instances of maps are less common.

For me, the most important reason is not the QoL improvement for my own gaming; that's a "nice to have," or even a "very nice to have." Rather it's a matter of making it easier to document and explain the mechanics, especially for new players or the non-technically-inclined. Right now, in order to predict when a node will be available again, you have to know: the cap on that type of node, whether that cap is map-wide or localized or both, whether the cap affects other sources or not, whether the node type requires 16+ hours or not, whether the instance is new or not (and if that matters for that type of cap or not), and so on.

It would be much simpler if there were just a few easily-described rules that applied equally to all comparable nodes (e.g. T1-5, T6, and LS3 & LS4 nodes).

That said, I don't think it's very likely: it's been 7 years and they've stuck with the same unpredictability on new maps (never mind fixing them on old ones). And it's probably a complete pain in the rear to try to go back and untangle all the different bits of code that are involved. I'd love to see it; it just seems crazy expensive for the benefit.

tl;dr there doesn't appear to be a strong gaming or economic reason for the node respawning mechanics to be complicated or nuanced.

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... huh. I had no idea the nodes refreshed with a new map. I've been farming UM/VM on the S3 and S4 maps for months now and just assumed they'd changed the mechanic for S4. I guess that's not the case?

It has definitely been irritating on the S3 maps; I need to carefully time my gathering runs and skip some days entirely.

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