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More key in the wallet


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I'm not against more keys being in inventory. Most of these seem like poor candidates based on ANet's criteria.

@Sarah.8354 said:Please add in the wallet:They keys in the wallet all follow a very specific pattern.

  • They are used to open chests on the ground (not in inventory).
  • They have no other direct use.
  • They drop as loot (although they might also be obtainable at a vendor)
  • They drop in quantity, i.e. it's possible that frequent farmers could, without buying these keys, end up with more than one stack.

Completed AetherkeyThe components drop from loot; these do not. If you don't combine the pieces, then you'd never have more than a stack.(Personally, because the components are so cheap, I destroy extras.)

Tarnished KeyMost people obtain 1x/day and use them in the same location they are obtained. It's not likely that people end up with two stacks. If I end up with multiple, I just park a character on the chest and open 1x/daily until I run out.

Fractal Encryption KeyThese don't work on ground chests.

Key to Nolan's Secret ChestI'm not sure why anyone would end up with multiples; you pretty much have to deliberately purchase and why would someone do that if not on their way to the treasure (such as it is)?

Oranate Rusted KeyThis one seems like a great candidate. It works on ground chest, can drop from anywhere, even though it can only be used in 10 specific locations, it isn't that hard to build up more than a stack. There doesn't seem to be any reason to drop as an item.

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