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Needing some engineer build tips.

Cheshire Rabbid.7430

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Viper gear is what you're looking for, looking at your trait and skill selections, you seem to be going for a Condi Holo build.

Elixir H is fine, I personally use the A.E.D for the toolbelt stun, but if you have trouble with timing, and need more frequent heals, Elixir H is alright. Healing Turret is also not bad, if your turret can hold long enough, which unless you're in PvE, it wont.

Personal preference, I tend to use only 2 kits, mostly because cooldown wise, you can make it work with only 2, and because condi Wise, you can use the Holo Laser Disk, which allows you to use both the holodisk when you're about to explode (for more condi) and has a condi toolbelt skill, Blade Burst that damage up to 5 enemies for a fair amount of bleed damage, and it scales with heat. I tend to thus stick with Grenade kit, and Flamethrower kit only, eschewing Bomb Kit in favor of Holo Disk. I Always disliked how awkward Bomb kit felt, so again, that's personal preference.

Consider switching No Scope for Thermal Vision if you're going down the Condi road. If you retain a lot of Power, then No Scope is fine.

I'm partial to changing Grenadier to Blasting Zone, which makes Healing turret, which gives out a field, give you Might when Holographic Shockwave hits it, or if you prefer Bomb Kit instead of Grenades, means you get Might each time a Big Ol Bomb you place in it explodes, your other bombs also create fields, so you can use those to similar effects, if you can time it. Overall, Grenadier is not bad, but Blasting Zone does give you extra power, ontop of giving you potentially more Might, which as a Holo, condi or not is quite nice.

Overall, quite nice

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