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Natural Healing bugged!?


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@Fluffball.8307 said:It doesn't heal the ranger, just the pet. It wouldn't surprise me if it's bugged though, it seems like every other update it's broken.

Edit: Upon re-reading I think OP meant "melded" and not "melted" which dramatically changes the meaning.

Well, unmelded its NOT meant to heal the Ranger. When melded it DOES heal the ranger, it just doesnt show up in the combat log.

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and it got another player

I wonder how long it will take them to actually address all the ranger bugs in this summary that is online for more than a week.

@Sedlina.1097 said:...soulbeast mode beastmastery major master natural healing: The healing does not show up in the combat log (this is misleading players to think that it wouldn't work in soulbeast mode)...I mean in this particular case it is nothing fancy. It just needs a lil flagging fix to show up in the logs

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