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New Customization Window (plus legendary upgrades) Changes

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The new search bar is an amazing addition over the old design along with sorting alphabetically instead of by release date. I hope suggestions from player feedback continues to inspire changes in the future. I still believe that a few additional changes are necessary such as:

  • Key word searches, for when you can't remember a specific stat's name or are looking for the most appropriate stat for your need (i.e. "power", "concentration")
  • Re-enable the confirmation button for when a modification is permanent or the binding of the item will change for such an action (and tell you the consequence), basically no confirmation on legendaries and warnings on everything else as it's been for years. Equipping, unlocking skins, and destroying all give secondary warnings about the consequence of the action yet stat selecting does not.
  • The right click order on gear should be: Equip, Customize, Preview, Unlock skin, Item collection, Mail, Sell, Buy, Destroy in that order when appropriate. This order would make more sense in my opinion.

My other current complain with recent additions is legendary runes and sigils are incredibly overpriced, even as far as legendary standards go. The recipe doesn't make much sense in structure and materials necessary. I hope you aren't set in stone with the current model as I, and many others, see it as totally not worth the investment as the minor convenience is nowhere near that of full armor or weapons. Here is my suggestion:

  • Intermediate mats are always paired with clovers in every other legendary so the final recipe should be condensed might, condensed magic, gift of runes/sigils, and 5/10 clovers respectively.
  • The gift of runes/sigils should have thematic components along with spirit shard and karma costs so their recipe should be 25 obsidian shards, an Anthology of Heroes, the gift of craftsmanship (for whatever reason, tbh I'm at a loss on why that's even on this list)(my alternative suggestion would be 10/15 amalgamated gemstones as they are made from upgrades), and 25 mystic aspects/ 50 mystic motes

These changes should hopefully lower the price into a more acceptable range where people would consider making them and also make the recipe more in line with other legendary gear. As of right now 310g per rune and 340g per sigil, or about 29% cost reduction. Also the choice to substitute out ecto for spirit shards is mostly to reduce cost and the "salvaging" component already comes from the mystic motes/aspects.I'm not sure if this has already been fixed but legendary runes and sigils are not counted as the same tier as their exotic counterparts so they don't stack properly or may stack inappropriately in the case of sigils.

Please leave more suggestions regarding the improved customization window or legendary upgrades in the comments.

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