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Stats and expansions

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@"ButcherofMalakir.4067" said:Which stats are locked behind which expansion? (After the recent changes to boxes)

Easiest is to visit the wiki and filter by expansion:https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Attribute_combinations

  • HoT: 10 combinations, including one PvP-only, plus Viper's, Minstrel's, & Commander's
  • PoF: 7 combinations, including three PvP-only, plus Plaguedoctor's & Harrier's.
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@"Virtuality.8351" said:Hang on, Diviner's is available to vanilla?


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Turns out the wiki has a new tool that can be used to track down sources of gear for any stat, in addition to using the /wiki prefix article I linked above.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Special:RunQuery/Equipment_query

Select the rarity, type of gear, and prefix and you can quickly see if there are or are not TP options. This tool doesn't make it easy to tell if any account bound sources available to core or not; that requires prior knowledge or blindly following links (for the latter, filter to a specific subtype, e.g. scepter or heavy leggings, to reduce the number of links; you can then extrapolate, e.g. once you know that sovereign scepters are a diviner's option, you also have a source for diviner's swords).

Unfortunately, that tool doesn't narrow down the choosable stats by expansion/availability. According to a core-only (not F2P) account owner, the stats available on the Halloween exotic lantern (backpacks) do not include Diviner's nor Harrier's.

The off-mainstream stats that are available include apothecary, bringer's, giver's, sinister (among many others).

In other words, this equipment query tool is useful in finding items with defined stats. It's misleading for choosy-stats items, as those are restricted by the expansions owned by the account.

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