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Who keeps calling out for help?

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I hear this all the time in Vabbi.Help MeHello me. Hurry.I'm in need of assistance.

It's always the same voice that sounds like a pre-teen boy or teen girl.

It's not another player or downed npc, at least no one shows up on the minimap. And I hear it when I'm in combat or completely out of combat.

Any ideas? Who is this mystery voice?

At this point I want to find the guy and shut him/her up permanently.

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It is my character. I turned off player chatter in the sound options and it stopped.

I was hearing this "help me" while unmounted and and sometimes mounted, not in combat, at full health, with no conditions on me, with nothing but friendly npcs nearby.

And this random call out would only happen in the Domain of Vabbi.

I'll eventually log a bug report for it

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