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New Elite - Sabotour


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New F 3 skill: bomb kit (1 sec cd)Equipping bomb kit replaces your weapon bar:

  1. Maltov Cocktail, throw 600 range, inflict 2 sec burning on your foe.
  2. Tripwire, equip a trap with 240 radius that knocks down foes for 2 seconds and inflicts 2 stacks of bleeding for 5 seconds. (12 second cd)
  3. Smart bomb. 3 charges. 10 sec recharge, 1 sec cd. Deploy a smart bomb that explodes, 1 stack vuln, 2 stacks bleed, 1 stack cripple. If player hit by an additional smart bomb within 3 seconds of previous, double these effects.
  4. C4, plant c4 on the ground, causing it to explode after a delay (2 seconds). 2 second smoke field. 10 stacks of vulnerability for 20 seconds. High power dmg coefficient. (25 second CD)
  5. B-52. Drop a bomb payload on the target area, inflicting random conditions and causing high power damage. 25 sec cd. Ground targeted. Also inflicts pulsing blind for 3 seconds.

I still haven't come up with any good heal/utility/elites, but I was thinking traps.

The goal would be to have a melee style thief that did not rely on evasion dodges, but would be better at staying for to tie with opponents. I would be thinking along the lines of adding base vitality and armor. Additional sustain would come from traits.

Perhaps a trade off would be losing some endurance regeneration. Or maybe losing weapon swap since the f3 kit would take more of its place.

What do you all think of a thief build along these lines?

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Definately "Saboteur" is thematicaly correct with thief, but I'm not sure if it would be good. Bombs have delays, so they can be easily avoided in PvP... unless they can be placed and activated by player (just like new Preparation skills) or they can explode only on enemy contact (like traps).I would stay with bombs as utility skills.The problem is: bombs aren't new and unique. Engi has bombs and grenades. Why copy and paste it? Elite specs have their unique mechanics and style.

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