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Why is there no glider with more than 2 dye slots?

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@"ROMANG.1903" said:Is it a design choice? A lot of them look like they could use 3 or 4 slots... Was it coded this way? Why? Can it be changed?

It's a good question. I don't remember any dev posting a written answer on the topic. However, it is the sort of thing that they might have talked about in one or more "Guild Chats." @Rubi Bayer.8493 might know off-hand which episodes are worth watching to check. (The wiki's list is mostly complete, but only covers the primary topics.)

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A lot of them look like they could use 3 or 4 slots...The way I'd put it is that the dyeability of some gliders is undermined by being stuck with sections that have a permanent color. For example, the Ugly Wool Glider has three colors, two chosen by the player and the permanent "unbleached wool" color that covers some of the bands/stripes, the commander decorations, and tassels.

There are also a number of undeyable glider skins, that seem to be tied towards an existing item (e.g. Magic Carpet) or existing in-game object (e.g. SAB cloud glider). I wonder if it's a design decision to not offer custom colors for these or if it's a side effect of how the glider is rendered, based on its original source.

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