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[EU] LFM: Hobby Dungeon Explorer


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Heya fellows.Since I'm a bit short on new achievements, I was thinking about completing the Dungeon tab, more specifically, the "Hobby Dungeon Explorer" (together with the Dungeon Frequenter).There's already someone interested in my guild, but I doubt we'll be able to form a static group for this, on our own. People are always busy with something else.The idea was to run the 8 easiest paths, during the weekend (once or twice max. It will take ages, but it's just to do something different, after that boring Giant Slayer and Shield Mastery achiv).

I'm not looking for particular classes/combo/speedrun, just "someone" to spend some good time with, to ease this farming achiev (actually I could play some of the professions that I never play). Also, I usually forget any mechanic in them, so I'd like to stick to the same dungeons (although we can change them at some point, for example if we get all their skins).

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