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Hello, I'm trying to get back into the game and I'd love to play with some new friends.


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I haven't played this game in any kind of dedicated manor since I think 2014? I stopped playing a few months before Heart of Thorns came out and just haven't really managed to get back into it heavily outside of a few hours here and there now and again. I really wanna jump back in and play all the stuff I've missed out on as well as the stuff I never finished up! I think one of the main reasons I got "bored" of the game was lack of people to play with. I was in a guild, but it was hardly active/social.

I'm in my mid-20's and I typically play in the mornings, afternoons, and early evenings. I work a job where I get up hours before most of you probably go to sleep so not being able to stay up 'til past midnight like most gamers is probably why it's been so hard for me to find guilds in whatever game I'm playing. xD

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Hai,I am also a player mid 20's and never really had the 'friends' ingame to play the game with so never really got very deep in the game because of that. I actually also am more online during the mornings and afternoons and early evenings. Recently decided to jump back in again but unfortunately playing it solo again.So if you need someone to chill in game with and help eachother out getting better and just kicking it i am down for that.Hit me up if you are interested!

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