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Question about BLC and Statuettes

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Simple question. I want to buy the Exalted Shoulders (since I wasn't able to play when they were available from the chests) with Statuettes from the Black Lion Merchant, but don't have enough yet. Does the list of available items from the Merchant change when the Black Lion Chest updates? Meaning, do I only have a limited time to try and get them? P.S When are we due for a Chest update..?

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There's a good chance of a new BL chest on the 27th (which will be 4 weeks since the last one).

The last seven gaps have been (from shortest to longest): 14 days, 28 days, 35 days (three times), and 42 days (twice). The most common gaps are 28 days (9 times) and 35 days (7 times) (from a total of 31 gaps since the BL chests have been using "seasons").

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