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Guide to Spotting Bots


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So another season, and another day matches are filled with bots. So instead of beating a dead horse, here are some tips on spotting bots and reporting them.

Report via in game, And if you have specific details such as recorded footage. Submit a Ticket. https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010187753-Reporting-a-Player-or-Guild

Now, It's not obvious for some that bots are running around. But here are some things to take note of in your matches. Some tells are obvious, others are not. It's up to the player and the latter Anet to judge if botting is at play. 1 or 2 tells, maybe not. But throw in a bunch, and things start to look shady.

Obvious tells (clearly a bot):-2 or more player characters following the exact same path. Same way a bunch of NPC's spawn at one point and run to an objective using the same pathing.-Character will stop pursuing you if there is upper ground that requires jumping and cannot reach you. (Some bots will start pacing back and forth trying to find pathing)Example

-Will not use Jump pads such as Skyhammer, and will go afk/stop moving if you use the pad to get to higher ground. (You can free cast the bot at this point)-They will not use door portals such as Legacy of the Foefire. Bots will just path up the ramp rather than using the door.-Player teleportation (although more in line with cheating, rather than botting.) A player moving in excess outside their normal mobility skills.

Suspect tells (possibly a bot, but not 100% sure):-Running to cap or fully capped point, when you are already on point.-Two to Three players full capping a point. (especially if it's home at the start of the match)-Running back and forth on the same path, with the same timing. (No side stepping)-Running and turning/snapping at sharp angles.

Subjective tells (Maybe a bot, or just a bad player in combination with Suspect tells):-Will often have starter armour equipped with default dyes.-running into 1 v 3 or 1 v 4's without hesitation.-will often run current meta builds-Multi-box or Duo ques

These are just my observations in the past few seasons (As I usually start out in Silver 3 territory). If there are more obvious tells that I left out, let the community know! The botting is getting brazen at this point.

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