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Is burn FB a PvP/WvW viable build?

Lonewolf Kai.3682

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As the title asks. Is a burn oriented Firebrand a viable build in the competitive modes? I really enjoy using a FB, Radiance, X, whereas the X is for whatever trait seems to help it the most. I don’t have an issue when there’s a small group of people with me, but when I’m talking 5 and less, I struggle to stay alive. I’m currently using Valor in place of the X and using Monks Focus with all Mediation skills, and Shelter for healing skill to help survive, but I’m still struggling in havoc or smaller skirmishes. Either it’s just not viable solo/small group or I’m doing something wrong and maybe I need to relook at the build. Stats I’m running with about 2000 power, 25% crit, and 1400 or 1200 condi damage/ 2900 or 2700 toughness, depending on my weapon. I use gs for defense and sword/torch for offense.

Any tips for what to do to survive would be appreciated if FB burner is viable and I’m just an idiot.

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for anything burn related you need permeating wrath in virtues. I don't see a power/ condi hybrid being very useful since you have to stay at range all the time, and with a lot of fb support and heals you have to be close. some people do this, but dropping heals in favor of pure damage is something I won't recommend based on my own preferences as well as the aforementioned. fb is a support class, people will expect you to be supporty, you can ofc go outside the mold but that requires team coordination. also power builds don't really shine unless you go all out on them. guard hybrids are ok, they don't do a ton of power damage and they can be hard to survive in especially if you don't have a lot of mobility, so you might as well go all the way into one particular thing.so here is what I recommend for wvw:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PWgAs6lRwwgZip8l27H-zVRYRB/GNsTQjzifbWA-wscepter is the ultimate weapon for burn builds. use it. rune is ofc up to you. weapon 2 and the other two utilities are your own choice, depending on what you want and what the situation requires. I mean anything can be changed, but try this out at least. you don't have to have plague doctor either, shaman will work just as well. for weapon 2 I would use sword and torch for smaller fights, and staff for bigger ones. spirit sword can add a lot of dps, spirit bow can add a lot of heals, reflect wall can shut down builds as well as add a ton of dps in zergs, mantras can add a lot of utility etc. don't rule out the debilitating mantra if you are still having trouble surviving. if you can time it right, the blind can shut down some builds pretty hard, and weakness shuts down all power builds.

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