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How to replay a story of an Episode of LW4

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I am stuck on Bleed, the forth story of episode 6 of LWS4. I have progressed it and have decided it is bugged beyond salvage on my machine. (Reference my OP on that subject on this forum) I want to totally replay it from it's start (losing all progress on it) , but not otherwise losing credit for the 3 stories I have completed.

How do I do this?

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If it's the first time you play this episode, I don't think you can completely reset it. But you can restart from last paragraph. For example:https://i.redd.it/yf0u3zs746c31.pngAfter opening the story journal, select a chapter that you already completed (for example All or Nothing) and choose to replay it. Then, select again the episode 6 and continue with that. It won't reset the whole episode, but you'll re-do your last paragraph (if I'm not mistaken).

If you can, post a screenshot of your current story, where we can see what's the green text on the top right. Maybe you can continue from where you are.

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