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Level 80 and knowledgeless

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Power = more dmgprecision = more Critferocity = crit do more dmgVitality = more HPtoughness = you less dmg

Now choose like you want to :)

advice: If you do more dmg the enemy wont do dmg to you because he is dead ;) (Glasscannon Build)

If your still confused, just google Gw2 Builds there are a lot of builds.I wont post any of them because its "a matter of taste"

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Power - increases your psychical attack's base dmg.Precision - increases your critical hit chance.Ferocity - increases your critical strike damage. Base crit dmg is 150% (which means you would do 1500dmg if you crit instead of 1000).Vitality - increases your health. 1 vitality point = 10 hp.Toughness - increases your armor and armor decreases incoming psychical damage.Condition damage - increases your damage from effects like burning, torment, poison, bleeding, confusion.Expertise - increases your condition duration. This means your condition effects will last longer and do more damage.Concentration - increases your boon duration. All boons (might, protection...) will last longer.Healing power - increases your healing. More healing power = you can heal for more.

Most of the players choose:

  • Berserker's gear - Power, precision, ferocity - typical "power dps" stats.
  • Viper's gear - Power, condition damage, precision, expertise - typical "condi dps" stats.
  • Harrier's gear - Power, healing power, concentration - one of the "support healer" stats.
  • Diviner's gear - Power, precision, ferocity, concentration - one of the "support" stats, e.g. current meta supp chrono eq.
  • Commander's gear - Power, precision, toughness, concentration - old "support" stats.
  • Minster's gear - Toughness, vitality, concentration, healing power - typical "support tank" stats.

Some "not meta" stats you can use for solo play:

  • Marauder's gear - Power, precision, vitality, ferocity.
  • Trailblazer's gear - Toughness, condition damage, vitality, expertise.
  • Assassin's gear - Precision, power, ferocity.

There are more stat combinations and you can find them here: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Attribute_combinations#Three_or_more_attributes

What stats should you take? Depends on content and what do you want to play.For ele you can take: Berserker's (if you play power), Marauder's (if you play power but you don't want to die so quickly), Viper's (if you play condi), Trailblazer's (if you watched Lord Hizen's channel and you want to do solo everything).

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you really shouldnt picked ele as your first class.most likely is the hardest class to get use to, ele need to keep swaping skill .
well as a starter you can use double dagger for melee by using PTV gear. or using staff for range dmg by using PPF gear . but i suggest you use staff to start with. you need to get use to ele's play style. double DD is bit hard core.
scepter/dagger not a big fans of it

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This a an inexpensive but effective set of gear for a hybrid (power & condi) ele. In this case, the traits are for a tempest spec, but the gear can be used with the core ele. Utility skills are what I use in a group setting; for solo use, you may want to change them for your preferences. The gear provides some vitality so you can take a few hits without being one-shotted. Most/all of it can be bought off the BLTP:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGgAsilJwYYOMKWJOySttdA-zRZULB9JEEob0wGE0ciCISC4YWSYaD-e

Ele is a bit more work to play, but rewarding if you like it.

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@"Balefyre.6437" said:i have an elementalist that i got to 80. problem is i don't know what stats are priority. which weapons and skills.

I recommend MetaBattle: https://metabattle.com/wiki/Elementalist

The higher the rating, the better the build. Personally, I play a variation of this build (see comment section):https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Weaver_-_Sword/x_Fresh_Air

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