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[EU][Desolation][WvW] Gank Me Harder [FURY]


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Gank Me Harder [FURY] is a Desolation WvW guild looking to recruit more players. We are looking for friendly, pleasant players to add to our supportive community.

We have a sociable and helpful community with experienced players that can assist you with your builds and offer information about WvW. We also provide weekly WvW raids/WvW training sessions – TeamSpeak will be used during weekly raids. If you are interested in becoming a commander, we have commander training that you can ask for. You will be given a code for our Discord where you can further talk about builds, WvW and get to know your guild members. We strive for a drama-free atmosphere.

  • Sociable and helpful community
  • Drama-free atmosphere
  • Weekly WvW raids + training
  • Help with builds
  • Commander training
  • Discord recommended
  • TeamSpeak channels
  • Represent during WvW at all times
  • Attend raids as often as possible
  • Use TeamSpeak during events

Whisper/Mail either Anya Ruskii – dragonmaeelder.2640, Jarni The Catmander – Jarni.7402 or Maelix – mayaserana.7809 for an invite.

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