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Please rise the time limit for gold run achievements!

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@DoRi Silvia.4159 said:Is this for the Barnstormer title?Youtube will help you see how it needs to be done, I think I got this after a few tries

Definitely not too hard to do

Probably not for that since the OP posted well after the Festival closed.

I was amazed I got Barnstormer this year myself, I'm not very precise on fast griffon flight and have failed most griffon adventures I've attempted, but indeed watching a video made all the difference. This is likely the case for any of the adventures.

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@Septimus Prime.6743 said:It is impossible to complete for example griffon master flights in gold time.

If it was impossible, no one would manage. I mananged, and it took me some time and practice. Don't expect things to be gifted to you. If you don't want to invest time, that is your problem - no need to ruin the challenge for everyone.

I suggest you practice the speed mechanics before you attempt a course again.

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it's a practice makes perfect kind of thing. you have to try out all different kinds of positions you dive down and climb up to.I remember this one gryffon race I was stuck on. Always about 2 seconds shorts.I completely changed a dive position in my track, and I beat gold with almost 5 seconds to spare.

The way you do it can have a significant impact on the final time. and most of them simply do take a lot of practice.Don't ask anet to take that away. It's a practice makes perfect kind of challenge, not a give and go to the forum to make perfect kind of challenge.There are also beetle and supply races I haven't finished yet, and those are a challenge I leave for the future.

I say nay! to a nerf to these timers

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Should not be impossible to do and get and yes it does take practice. Also make sure you know all things you can do, dive/rise/flap. Many players forget you can increase dive speeds when flapping (aerial finesse mastery) during the dive. Alternative pathways can also put some time off.

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