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@"Stu Grockalot.2937" said:Something needs to be done about Dragon's Stand.At release of HoT this was an amazing map, the meta was fantastic, and I enjoyed the big push to take down Mordremoth.Now a days the map ALWAYS seems empty, the meta never progresses and large areas of the map are un-explorable.Something needs to be done to fix it :(

The "Fix" is to use the wiki timer for it:https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Event_timersthen go to Dragon's Stand 10 minutes before it begins.

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This map could really use some more activity, sure. It's a great structure of a meta event and I'd love to see it being revived. But I fear that they wouldn't go make older content more appealing anymore except when it's for new collections that 90% of the people are done with in one week anyways. Maybe a special rush event (just like the Meta Rush but this time for HoT content only) should suffice here.

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I haven't been to DS in about a month, but last time I was there, it was chocked full. The map started fill up with players about ten to fifteen minutes before reset. If memory serves, the commanders started their LFG posts about five minutes before reset. So, like others have said, timing is everything. But, again, that was about a month ago. Not sure what's happening today.

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@Gulbasaur.1865 said:You really, really need to turn up at the right time for Dragon's Stand. Keep an eye on the event timers and join a squad when the map resets.

no the map is dead. a few days ago I made a similar thread and I was farming the map for legendary. There were all dead maps for hours.

@Ashantara.8731 said:

@Stu Grockalot.2937 said:Something needs to be done about Dragon's Stand.

Or you need to do it right. ;)

As mentioned before:
  • Use /wiki ET or GW2timer.com to check the starting times and show up about 20 mins before the meta starts.
  • Use LFG and join a meta squad for the map.

Et voilà!

think you missing the point. People been doing that. There are no groups in the LFG feature advertising their Dragonstand taxi, and there are no people running the map. I been there for hours to farm pods. Been no groups.

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I usually aim to do it on Dragon's Stand Event Completer days. There's usually active maps then, the problem is that sometimes the map gets finished late so the ~20 minute "collect your rewards period" overlaps with what would otherwise be the start of the next cycle and delays it.

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