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Movement Key input lag only

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So I've had this issue for a few weeks now. I have, in my attempts to fix it so far, uninstalled and reinstalled gw, run a repair, and moved the game to the D: drive (i have a partitioned hard drive on my laptop). I tried fiddling with settings, and reinstalled my nvidia geforce experience program to make sure my graphics card driver has the latest updates. No other buttons have input lag, just wasd, and it is a good .25-.5 seconds of lag, sometimes up to one full second, before my character starts or stops moving.

This issue happens only with guild wars. I also play DAI (with almost all of the settings on high or ultra), HoTS, and overwatch on this computer and have no issues with them. Skills work fine, jump works fine, but not movement.

I can get a temporary fix by doing the following: boot up guild wars, notice movement lag, restart computer, boot up guild wars, no issue. If I shut my computer down and start it up and open guild wars, I get the lag, restart, lag is gone. I'm really not sure at all what it could be. Ping is fine, framerate is fine. The computer did have the entire keyboard unit replaced in August, but this shouldn't have caused any issues (it went out for an casing repair, came back with half the keys not working, was sent back and had the keyboard unit replaced).

Computer specs:Asus N550JX-TH72T (purchased April 2016)Intel i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz quad-core Processor16GB RAM64-bit operating system, running 64-bit GW2NVidia GEForce GTX 950M (2 GB DDR3 SDRAM)

Any ideas? Getting kind of having to open the game and then restart just for it to be playable. Not sure really what the issue is since it seems like it would be computer related but there's no issues with any other games

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