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A question on spellbreaker weapon setup


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Hey guys. Just figured i'd post this here since the warrior forum seems to be a bit on the slow side atm.

But i'm looking for advice for weapon setups for my new spellbreaker.

I just came back to the game after a long while away. After some searching and discussion i decided to use one of my 80 boosts on my warrior and roll with spellbreaker.

no regrets :)

i'm enjoying myself quite a bit. I've unlocked glider and my first mount and now i'm rolling around collecting points and clearing maps. Good times.

But i'm still figuring out what weapons i want to use in general pve (mostly solo).

Greatsword is a given. I love the skill set and weapon skins.

For my second set, though, i'm wobbling around a bit.

Dagger/Dagger seems to be the way the lore wants to go. And it can be interesting... but the offhand attacks feel a bit lackluster for some reason.Dagger/shield is nice for an on-demand stun.Dagger/Axe i haven't tried yet but it looks almost like a raw power setup. The additional aoe is interesting too.Then again Axe/Axe has always been good... i can see it STILL being good... just not sure if MH Axe outshines a dagger on the new class.

and i'm always up for any suggestions i'm not thinking of :)

ty for any advice guys :)

(p.s. stupid question: does the 7% health return from crits on sun/moon style work when using their other setup? Techincally they are still "equipped" so i'm curious if the health return would work with my greatsword too... but i don't quite have the points to unlock it yet. I highly doubt it, but i figured it wouldn't hurt to ask lol)

cheers :)

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On the sun and moon health return on crit is only when you're actually using the offhand dagger. Many traits in the game that have a general boost like that only work while the weapon is actually being used in combat and it's skills are on the weapons slot, if it's swapped out, the effects stop.

As a whole, i recommend a melee weapon and a ranged weapon, which sucks for warrior because rifle and longbow aren't strong.

While i do recommend double dagger (especially for sun and moon style for extra sustain), I actually would recommend mace/shield.

Mace burst is a stun, mace 3 is a daze and shield 4 is a stun, all three of which strip boons because of the spellbreaker. You also have two blocks (mace 2 and shield 5), which can be improved by the shieldmaster trait in defense, making projectiles reflected upon blocks, which can help in some situations, and as a whole you become able to take more hits because the full counter burst actually absorbs a hit, meaning attacks that would normally pierce through block trigger the full counter attack.

However, i'm no meta warrior player, you might find more help in the warrior subforum of the professions subforum.

Also worth of noting, outside of awakened enemies in Path of Fire, you'll find very little mileage with spellbreaker in pve apparently (seems set up as more of a pvp spec). I don't care, i love the theme of spellbreaker and am using it in pve as I wish, but when you fight awakened in Path of Fire, they can pretty quickly get boons, and spellbreakers are good at punishing those with boons.

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